Blakey Headshot

Simon Blakey*
Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
Atwood 630 | 404.727.6738
sblakey@emory.edu | @BlakeyLab
organic synthesis, catalysis, organometallic, reaction development
"inventing reactions and revolutionizing synthetic strategy"

Bowman Headshot

Joel Bowman
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
Emerson E519 | 404.727.6592
theoretical, computational
"we are 70% water and I study water"

Brathwaite Headshot

Antonio Brathwaite
Senior Lecturer
Atwood 210 | 404.727.0691
antonio.brathwaite@emory.edu | @adbrathwaite
advising, spectroscopy, mentoring, undergraduate research
"committed to student engagement and success"

Conticello Headshot

Vincent Conticello*
Emerson E203 | 404.727.2779
vcontic@emory.edu | @ConticelloLab

self-assembly, peptides, proteins, nanomaterials, Cryo-EM
"bettering nature's macromolecular machines"

Davies Headshot

Huw M.L. Davies*
Asa Griggs Candler Professor & Director NSF CCHF
Atwood 440 | 404.727.6839
hmdavie@emory.edu | @NSFCCHF
C-H functionalization, asymmetric catalysis, drug discovery
"we aim to make organic molecules faster, cleaner, cheaper"

Kate Davis

Katherine M. Davis*
Assistant Professor
Joining the faculty January 2020
katherine.davis@emory.edu | @The_Davis_Lab
metalloenzyme dynamics, biophysical methods, structural biology, x-ray spectroscopy
"making metalloenzyme movies"

Dyer Headshot

Brian Dyer*
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
Atwood 430 | 404.727.6637
briandyer@emory.edu | @DyerLab_Emory
protein folding, enzyme dynamics, bioinorganic, solar fuels
"protein folding and molecular dynamics...with lasers"

Evangelista Headshot

Francesco Evangelista*
Associate Professor
Emerson E524 | 404.727.6608
electronic structure theory, strongly correlated electrons, excited states
"we simulate the quantum world"

Heaven Headshot

Michael C. Heaven*
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
Atwood 410 | 404.727.6617
mheaven@emory.edu | @HeavenLabEmory
chemical bonding, transient intermediates, electronic structure
"what are these electrons doing?"

Heemstra Headshot

Jen Heemstra*
Associate Professor
Atwood 455 | 404.727.7766
jen.heemstra@emory.edu | @HeemstraLab

chemical biology, self-assembly, supramolecular chemistry
"biomolecules can do amazing things"

Hill Headshot

Craig L. Hill
Goodrich C. White Professor
Atwood 508 | 404.727.6611
green energy, multifunctional materials, oxometalates
"there is no bigger issue than stabilizing climate"

Jui Headshot

Nathan Jui*
Assistant Professor
Atwood 456 | 404.727.1050
njui@emory.edu | @Jui_Group
catalysis, medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis, radical chemistry
"we develop new chemistry to solve important problems"

Kindt Headshot

James T. Kindt*
Professor & Director of Undergraduate Research & Diversity Liaison
Emerson E521 | 404.712.1817
self-assembly, surfactants, molecular dynamics, nucleation, lipids, proteins
"predicting how molecular structure determines super-molecular aggregation"

Lian Headshot

Tianquan (Tim) Lian*
William Henry Emerson Professor of Chemistry
Atwood 310 | 404.727.6649
nanomaterials, solar energy conversion, ultrafast & nonlinear spectroscopy
"sustainable energy through fundamental physical chemistry research"

Liebeskind Headshot

Lanny Liebeskind
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
Atwood 725 | 404.727.6604
molecular synthetic science, catalysis
"we make tools for molecular manipulation used in drug design"

Liotta Headshot

Dennis C. Liotta
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor & Executive Director Emory Institute for Drug Development
Emerson E305 | 404.727.6602
HIV/AIDS, medicinal, synthetic organic, catalysis, drug discovery
"discovering new drugs to address unmet medical needs"

Lutz Headshot

Stefan Lutz*
Professor & Department Chair
Emerson E205 & Atwood 280S | 770.330.5716
nanoscience, biocatalysis, protein engineering, chemical biology
"saving the world one protein at a time"

Lynn Headshot

David G. Lynn*
Asa Griggs Candler Professor
Emerson E407 | 404.727.9348
systems chemistry, synthetic biology, biophysical chemistry
"design and construction of dynamic chemical networks"

McCormick Headshot

Mike McCormick
Senior Lecturer
Atwood 204 | 404.727.6531
organic, laboratory methods, Science Olympiad
"hosting the Olympics every year"

McDonald Headshot

Frank McDonald*
Atwood 608 | 404.727.6102
chemical synthesis, catalysis, natural products, medicinal chemistry
“novel transformations enable unique strategies for chemical synthesis”

McGill Headshot

Tracy McGill
Senior Lecturer
Atwood 208 | 404.727.8074
chemistry education, curriculum development, pedagogical change, mentoring
“designing chemistry education for the modern world”

Mulford Headshot

Doug Mulford
Senior Lecturer
Atwood 306 | 404.727.6989
curriculum design, pedagogical innovation, demos, outreach
"teaching with a pyrotechnic flair"


Salaita Headshot

Khalid Salaita*
Atwood 506 | 404.727.7522
k.salaita@emory.edu | @salaitalab
nanoscience, chemical biology, materials, imaging, biophysical
"where materials chemistry and nanotechnology meet biology"

Soria Headshot

Jose Soria
Senior Lecturer
Emerson E207 | 404.727.6148
Socratic Method, collaboration
"committed to the development of a community in the classroom"

Weaver Headshot

Jeremy Weaver
Senior Lecturer & Director of Undergraduate Studies
Atwood 304 | 404.727.2254
analytical, inorganic
"the Batman of the chemistry department"

Weinschenck Headshot

Matthew Weinschenk
Senior Lecturer
Atwood 206 | 404.727.6522

Widicus Weaver Headshot

Susanna Widicus Weaver*
Atwood 230 | 404.727.4049
astrochemistry, spectroscopy
"the chemistry of star and planet formation"

Wuest Headshot

Bill Wuest*
Associate Professor & Georgia Research Alliance Distinguished Investigator
Atwood 557 | 404.712.1143
william.wuest@emory.edu | @WuestLab
total synthesis, chemical biology, antibiotic development
"slaying superbugs one antibiotic at a time"

 *Faculty marked with an asterisk are accepting graduate students.