Biomolecular chemistry research at Emory address problems at the interface of chemistry and biology. Our investigations are interdisciplinary, combining organic synthesis, biochemistry, genomics, molecular biology, and protein engineering, as well as molecular modeling and structure determination utilizing a wide range of biophysical techniques.

Inspired by our discoveries in the world of natural biomolecules, we are harnessing the power of Darwinian evolution to explore synthetic biology, from the creation of novel biocatalysts with tailored properties to the production of biomimetic sensors and materials.

Our research is assisted by the latest in robotics and analytical instrumentation as well as collaborations with the Emory University School of Medicine, the Emory Vaccine Center, and beyond.

*Groups marked with an asterisk are accepting graduate students.

Research Groups

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self-assembly, peptides, proteins, nanomaterials, Cryo-EM
"bettering nature's macromolecular machines"

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chemical biology, self-assembly, supramolecular chemistry
"biomolecules can do amazing things"

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nanoscience, biocatalysis, protein engineering, chemical biology
"saving the world one protein at a time"

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systems chemistry, synthetic biology, biophysical chemistry
"design and construction of dynamic chemical networks"

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nanoscience, chemical biology, materials, imaging, biophysical
"where materials chemistry and nanotechnology meet biology"

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bacterial signaling pathways, heme proteins, cyclic nucelotides
"developing a molecular level understanding of how bacteria sense and respond to the environment"

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total synthesis, chemical biology, antibiotic development
"slaying superbugs one antibiotic at a time

Associated Faculty

[visit group website(Biochemistry)
macromolecular complex structure/function
"deciphering mechanistic insights of novel pathways that promote antibiotic tolerance"

[visit group website] (Biomedical Engineering)
DNA, nanotechnology, nanomaterials & medicine
"complex DNA assembly and dynamic DNA devices"

Research Service Centers

Integrated Electron Microscopy

Mass Spectrometry