Researchers in the biomolecular chemistry group at Emory address problems at the interface of chemistry and biology. Our investigations of the chemical interactions that determine the specificity and control of the biological processes are highly interdisciplinary, involving synergistic combinations of organic synthesis, biochemistry, genomics, molecular biology, protein engineering, as well as molecular modeling and structure determination utilizing a wide range of biophysical techniques.

Inspired by our discoveries in the world of natural biomolecules, our studies also reach beyond existing diversity. Harnessing the power of Darwinian evolution in the laboratory, researchers in the biomolecular division are spear-heading the field of synthetic biology which encompasses the creation of novel biocatalysts with tailored properties, assembly of biosynthetic pathways, as well as the production of biomimetic sensors and materials

Our research is assisted by the latest in robotics and analytical instrumentation. Multi-user instrumentation provides access to high-throughput sample analysis while departmental instrumentation enables structural and biophysical studies.

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