The Department of Chemistry at Emory University believes that the best teaching and research happens in the context of a scientific community. Together, we engage in creative problem-solving at the molecular level. Our collaborative research themes--catalysis, sustainable energy, and living/nonliving interfaces— are anchored by foundational strengths in biomolecular, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.

*Groups marked with an asterisk are accepting graduate students.

Research Groups

Blakey Group*

Bowman Group

Conticello Group*

Davies Group*

Dyer Group*

Evangelista Group*

Heaven Group*

Heemstra Group*

Hill Group*

Jui Group*

Kindt Group*

Lian Group*

Liebeskind Group

Liotta Group

Lutz Group*

Lynn Group*

McDonald Group*

Salaita Group*

Weinert Group

Widicus Weaver Group*

Wuest Group

Associated Faculty

Dunham Group* (Biochemistry)

Finzi Group* (Physics)

Ke Group* (Biomedical Engineering)

MacBeth Group* (Emory College)

Musaev Group* (Emerson Center for Scientific Computation)