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Chemistry Unbound, our undergraduate curriculum, seeks to break down barriers between traditional chemistry disciplines to build lasting thematic frameworks and give students context for real-world problems and solutions. The curriculum is founded on active learning principles, giving students the opportunity to customize their chemistry experience to explore a wide range of interests and careers.

The Chemistry Unbound course plan provides guidance for both majors and non-majors. 

Outside of the classroom, chemistry students are encouraged to explore laboratory research opportunities and to share chemistry with the Emory and Atlanta community by joining ChEmory, our award-winning undergraduate ACS club. We also offer the Honors degree and an ACS-certified degree. And each year we give out over $8,000 in awards to recognize high-achieving chemistry majors.

For questions about enrollment, course requirements, declaring the chemistry major, graduation, etc…

Ethel Ellington
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
(404) 727-6492

Jeremy Weaver
Director of Undergraduate Studies
(404) 727-2254