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ECCP - Your Personal Chemistry Tutor

Emory College Chemistry Preparation (ECCP) prepares you to succeed in CHEM 150: Structure and Properties. The driving force behind the ECCP is ALEKS, an artificial intelligence-based teaching tool.

Aleks will assess your chemistry knowledge and only teach you information that meets the following criteria:

  1. You don’t already know how to do it, and
  2. You are ready to learn it based on what you already know.

Your work with ALEKS will account for 3% of your final grade in CHEM 150. That means that once you’ve learned everything ALEKS says you need to know in “pie chart learning mode”, you’ve aced your first assignment! If you don’t complete the ECCP, you’ll start CHEM 150 with a maximum grade of 97%.


  • Begin at least three weeks before the start of classes.
  • Never click "I don't know" unless you truly have no idea how to approach a problem. Otherwise, ALEKS might make you review unnecessary information.
  • Everyone's path through the ECCP will be different. Focus on what you need to know and don't worry about your classmates.
  • Completing any portion of the ECCP with outside help or completing any portion of the ECCP for someone else is a violation of the Emory Honor Code.
  • Once your "pie" in ALEKS is showing 100%, you are finished with required work. This 100% can be the sum of learned and mastered topics. The ALEKS software may prompt you to review additional material, but this is not needed (unless you want to!)


  • Go to
  • Click “Sign Up Now” (upper left corner of screen)
  • Provide the ECCP course code: CODE AVAILABLE SOON 
  • Follow the instructions to complete your account. Note: Your Emory ID and Social Security Number are NOT the same. Your Emory ID is a unique, seven-digit number.

Important Dates

Start Date Mid-June
Deadline to Complete September 1st at 11:59 p.m.


Required For

The ECCP is only required for students taking CHEM 150 during the current academic year.

Material Covered
  • Math and Algebra
  • Measurement — SI Units, unit conversions, dimensional analysis
  • Matter— mass, volume, density, atomic theory, the elements
  • Atoms, Ions, and Molecules — atomic structure, molecular and ionic compounds
  • Stoichiometry — moles, molar mass, equations, reaction, and solution stoichiometry
Technical Support

No one in the Department of Chemistry at Emory can provide you with competent technical support for ALEKS. Please do not write to faculty or technical support people at Emory with ALEKS questions.


Tracy McGill Headshot
Tracy McGill
Professor of Pedagogy
Atwood 208
Doug Mulford Headshot
Doug Mulford
Senior Lecturer
Atwood 306