Physical chemists at Emory perform experiments and calculations to get at the heart of the structure, reactivity, dynamics, and energetics of matter. We study a wide range of systems - from interstellar ions to solar cells to cell membranes - through precise measurements and advanced calculations. The data produced in our laboratories are converted into concepts that shape how chemists see the world as well as into ideas for next-generation technology.

Physical chemists at Emory focus on both experimental and computational work. Experimental p-chem groups engage state-of-the-art instrumentation for the study of gas-phase molecules and clusters, nano-structured materials, and biomolecular complexes. Computational research uses advanced quantum and classical computational methods to model structures as small as 5 atoms and as large as 105 while also developing new methods to investigate a broader range of structures. 

*Groups marked with an asterisk are accepting graduate students.

Research Groups

Bowman Group

Dyer Group*

Evangelista Group*

Heaven Group*

Kindt Group*

Lian Group*

Widicus Weaver Group*

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Finzi Group* (Physics)

Musaev Group* (Emerson Center for Scientific Computation)

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Integrated Electron Microscopy

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