Physical chemists at Emory perform experiments and calculations to get at the heart of the structure, reactivity, dynamics, and energetics of matter. We study a wide range of systems, from interstellar ions to solar cells to cell membranes, through precise measurements and advanced calculations. The data produced are converted into the concepts that shape how chemists see the world and into ideas for tomorrow's technology.

Most research in this area focuses on either experimental or computational work, although a few participate in both. Experimental p-chem at Emory engages state-of-the-art instrumentation (in research group labs and in the department's instrument centers) studying gas-phase molecules and clusters, nano-structured materails, and biomolecular complexes. Theoretical/computational research draws on the resources of the Emerson Center for Scientific Computation. Students use advanced quantum and classical computational methods modeling structure as small as 5 atoms and as large as 105 and learn to develop new methods to investigate a broader range of structures.

*Groups marked with an asterisk are accepting graduate students.

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