The graduate program is the heart of our department. Our graduate student population currently includes approximately 120 students from across the US and eight foreign countries. They are evenly split by gender, 10% are minority students, and almost 50% international students. The size of our program enables highly personalized and productive experiences for students. It is large enough to have critical mass in most areas of chemistry, while still intimate enough for most of the students to know each other. Each group is small enough to support a culture of mentorship and collegiality while producing renowned research.

Emory Chemistry is built on the traditional disciplines of chemistry but has distinctive strengths in many interdisciplinary areas, including biomaterials, organometallic chemistry, medicinal and bioorganic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, and various collaborations of computational chemistry within each of these areas.

Purple mixture in gradated test tubes.

We take pride in the high level of students we admit, and we aim to foster their intellect, curiosity, and creativity through a rigorous program with a range of requirements and course options that provide our PhDs with a well-rounded chemistry education. Our graduates hold distinguished faculty positions at excellent colleges and universities throughout the United States and several foreign countries, and they are well represented in the chemical industry; they have postdoctoral appointments, industry positions at several Fortune 500 companies, including Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbott, DuPont, and Eastman, as well as jobs in law and medical practices, and government laboratories. Our graduates are in high demand because of the strength of our research and educational programs.