I'm a chemist and...

Labs are sites of discovery.

Yet for many of our Emory chemists, the dynamic work happening in the laboratory is fueled by activities outside the lab. For instance, you probably know that our labs rely on NMR and Mass Spec technology...but did you know that our chemists also run on the adventure of scuba diving, the fulfillment of community volunteering, and the rhythm of spoken word poetry?

I'm a chemist and...

...a spoken word poet.

"Spoken word poetry allows me to give life to words that simply cannot be left on paper. I enjoy being able to freely express myself while being challenged to properly relay my piece to an audience."

Adrian Demeritte

Graduate Researcher, Wuest Group

I'm a chemist and...

...a volunteer.

"Service is a huge passion of mine and is definitely a guiding factor for my post-grad decision-making process."

Netra Anand

EC '19, Heemstra Group

I'm a chemist and...

...a science communicator.

"My goal is to make science non-scary for non-scientists!"

Samantha Summer (@SciPeach)

Graduate Researcher, Liotta Group

I'm a chemist and...

...a scuba diver.

"I’m inspired by the incredible people I work with - Emory Chemistry brings together a diverse community from all over the globe, bound by the common goal of advancing scientific understanding in the service of humanity. I also find peace and inspiration in the deep - let’s do everything we can to preserve this incredible planet!"

Dr. Simon Blakey

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

I'm a chemist and...

...a baker.

"We celebrate every lab birthday with cupcakes."

Sam Iamurri

Graduate Researcher, Lutz Group

I'm a chemist and...

...a musician.

"Understanding chemistry is incredibly important to understanding the body, such as how the buffer system in the blood works.  Music is also important as it has given me many necessary skills for medicine.  Music has taught me to work hard, to be a leader, and how to stay calm while under stress"

Claire Roesler

EC '19, Liang Group (Biochemistry)

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