Undergraduate Program

Chemistry Unbound

Over half of every undergraduate class at Emory takes at least one chemistry course. Starting in Fall 2017, that means that over half of every undergraduate class will have an opportunity to experience Chemistry Unbound.

Chemistry Unbound is a new, intradisciplinary approach to teaching chemistry. Supported by a major grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Chemistry Unbound seeks to break down barriers betwen traditional chemistry disciplines to build lasting thematic frameworks and give students context for real-world problems and solutions. The curriculum is founded on active learning principles, giving students the opportunity to customize their chemistry experience. For example, advanced students can take special topics courses that align with their interests and career goals in areas such as medicinal chemistry, astrochemistry, and "The Chemistry of the Creation, Analysis, and Preservation of Art."

Read  "Chemistry Synthesizes Radical Overhaul of undergraduate curriculum" in the Emory Report.

Chemistry students starting classes in Fall 2017 or later will follow the Chemistry Unbound course plan (both majors and non-majors). Chemistry majors who started classes under the old curriculum will continue to follow the degree plan that was in place when they arrived at Emory, working with their chemistry advisor to substitute Chemistry Unbound courses where appropriate.

Chemistry Unbound gives Emory students a unique, comprehensive chemistry education, including opportunities to engage outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to explore laboratory research opportunities or to share chemistry with the Emory and Atlanta community by joining ChEmory, our award-winning undergraduate ACS club. We also offer the Honors degree and an ACS-certified degree. And each year we give out over $8,000 in awards to recognize high-achieving chemistry majors.

For questions about enrollment, course requirements, declaring the chemistry major, graduation, etc…

Ethel Ellington
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
(404) 727-6492

Jeremy Weaver
Director of Undergraduate Studies
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