Undergraduate Program

Students in the ATOMIC classroom shown with Dr. Doug Mulford.

The undergraduate chemistry program has significant reach on Emory's campus. Nearly half of the freshman class enrolls in our first-year courses, and more students enroll in chemistry courses than in any other department. Students take challenging courses taught by faculty committed to undergraduate education and many make new discoveries in the chemical sciences through high-impact research experiences.

The program at Emory is dynamic, flexible, and responsive to the needs of Emory's diverse student population. We offer two degree options to provide flexibility for those students who want to double major, popular choices include biology, economics, and music, or to fulfill necessary pre-health requirements. Our great advantage is our size. We are small enough to allow many faculty to interact on an individual level with our majors but large enough to offer a wealth of opportunities and choices. Our faculty combine excellence in undergraduate teaching with creativity in research and education. We strive to implement current trends in chemistry, innovative pedagogies, and emerging technologies throughout our curriculum.

We award approximately 80 degrees each year of which almost 40% are double majors. After graduation, many of our undergraduates continue their education in chemistry graduate schools, medical schools, or other professional fields, while others find fruitful careers in education, government, the science industry, and business worlds.