Undergraduate Research

Researcher's hand holding an orange chemical

The opportunity to participate in cutting edge scientific research as an undergraduate is one of the most exciting features of Emory College. Research transforms the knowledge obtained in courses into actual methods of investigation and creative approaches to problem solving. Undergraduates work alongside graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to pose and pursue questions central to the priorities of the research group.  Many of our students produce results that lead to publications, such as Qiushi (Ben) Yin '10C, who was the lead author on a Science publication citing his work on renewable energy. Ben yielded the most potent homogeneous catalyst known for water oxidation, a discovery considered a crucial component for generating clean hydrogen fuel using only water and sunlight. Undergraduate research is also great preparation for graduate school and chemistry careers.

How to Apply

Undergraduates may apply to spend time in a laboratory without receiving course credit. Review our Frequently Asked Questions page for tips on how to get involved. To enroll in research for credit, students must submit a petition comprised of the following:

  1. Written description of your proposed research, including the main research question of your specific project, the technique(s) you will be using, and the fundamental chemistry underlying the research.
  2. The number of hours per week you plan to commit to research (in consultation with the intended P.I.)
  3. A letter from the professor you will be working with, sent directly to Dr. James Kindt (copy Ethel Ellington, Undergraduate Program Coordinator) confirming that you are conducting approved research in their lab.

Please address this petition to the Undergraduate Committee, Department of Chemistry, and send a copy to both Prof. Jeremy Weaver (Director of Undergraduate Studies) and Prof. Doug Mulford (Undergraduate Research Coordinator). The Undergraduate Committee will review the petition and inform the student if the research is approved for course credit.