The Emory Department of Chemistry's innovative HHMI-supported curriculum initiative is an ambitious restructuring of the entire chemistry curriculum, made possible by the construction of new teaching spaces designed specifically for student-centered, active learning instruction. The curriculum provides a coherent framework for students to master basic science concepts while at the same time placing foundational concepts into the context of research that addresses the challenges facing our society. 

Photo: Engaged Learning Classroom in Atwood Hall

On Saturday, March 21st, 2015, Emory hosted The Outbreak Game as part of the Atlanta Science Festival. Developed by Out of Hand Theatre Company, this fast-paced scavenger hunt sent participants racing across Emory's campus to solve clues related to a mysterious mock outbreak. Chemistry students and faculty participated as consultants and as actors on the day of the game. Emory's Institute for Drug Development, founded by Emory chemistry professor Dennis Liotta and Emory's recent contributions to the care of Ebola patients featured in the game.

Our graduate student population includes approximately 120 students from across the US and eight foreign countries. Our program is large enough to exhibit research excellence in many areas of chemistry, while still intimate enough for most students and faculty to know each other. While we accept students into four divisions--organic, inorganic, biomolecular, and phsyical/theoretical chemistry--our groups are highly interdisciplinary and work across divisions. 

(Image: Dept. Chair David Lynn attends graduate student poster session)

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Congratulations to the many students who have recently defended or are about to defend their dissertations. Our recent PhDs have accepted postdoctoral and tenure track positions at Los Alamos National Labs, Harvard, and MIT, among others.

Lanny Liebeskind has been named as an American Chemical Society Fellow for 2015. Congratulations, Lanny!

Tim Lian's research is profiled by Emory News in the recent article "Chemists find new way to do light-driven reactions in solar energy quest." 

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