I'm a chemist and...

What fuels chemistry?

Bunsen burners. Reactions. Roller derby?

Emory chemists put in a lot of hours on campus in pursuit of research and teaching excellence. They also pursue a wide range of exciting activities in addition to chemistry.

Because work/life balance is its own science.

I'm a chemist and...

...a mountain climber.

"In higher education, you experience unexpected obstacles … How do you tackle those kinds of challenges? There’s experience that mountaineering provides that comes in handy in an education environment as well."

Dr. Stefan Lutz

Professor and Department Chair

I'm a chemist and...

...an Atlanta Rollergirl.

“I love playing a full contact sport and being part of a community of strong, smart women.”

Ana Cheng

Graduate Researcher, Wuest Group
(Photo: Phantom Photographics)

I'm a chemist and...

...a golfer.

“Golf is a sport that continually challenges me, and requires a ton of coordination and focus under pressure. While it can be very frustrating at times, golf pushes me to be more disciplined and persistent in the face of failure both in and out of the lab. It’s also really rewarding to work hard at something and improve, and discover what you’re capable of."

Steve Knutson

Graduate Researcher, Heemstra Group

I'm a chemist and...

...a Wikipedia editor.

"By updating and creating Wikipedia articles, scientists can reach the largest audience, communicate the latest research breakthroughs, and examine information accuracy."

Helen Siaw

Graduate Researcher, Dyer Group

I'm a chemist and...

...a photographer.

"One photo can save a life.  I  hope to capture that photo for each animal I photograph who is up for adoption. "

Dr. Fred Strobel

Director, Mass Spectrometry Center

I'm a chemist and...

...an audio engineer.

"I love audio engineering because it gives me the same satisfaction that synthetic organic benchwork did: you start with a handful of raw ingredients, and with a combination of rigorous analysis and creative, careful technique, you transform them into a purified, high-quality product."

Nick Arehart

EC '19

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