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ECCP - Getting Ready for CHEM 150

Emory College Chemistry Preparation (ECCP) prepares you to succeed in CHEM 150: Structure and Properties. Think of the ECCP as a free chemistry bootcampan opportunity to drill some of your high school chemistry skills before the first day of class.

You'll access ECCP assignments through an online platform called Aktiv. Three percent of your final grade in CHEM 150 will be based on your ECCP. Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you have to get everything right on the first try! The goal of the ECCP is to build your confidence, so every question allows multiple attempts.  

Because the ECCP is about refreshing your personal chemistry knowledge, it is an independent assignment. Completing any portion of the ECCP with the help of another person is a violation of Emory's Honor Code. You are free to use textbooks or other resources to refresh yourself on topics in order to answer the questions. (Click "+" at the bottom left of each question for the link to the relevant chapter in a free e-textbook.) Most importantly, completing the ECCP on your own helps prepare you for success!

Who should take the ECCP?

If you are planning to enroll in CHEM 150 (offerred in the fall semester only) during the current academic year, you need to complete the ECCP this summer. This is true even if you are re-taking the course or if you took a previous version of the ECCP last summer but didn’t enroll in CHEM 150. If you are planning to take CHEM 202Z, you do not need to complete the ECCP.

If you are starting your Emory journey at Oxford College, you must complete the Oxford College Chemistry Placement (OCCP) online module, not the ECCP.


Need help with your Aktiv account?  For technical support, email Aktiv or text or call 646.798.5323.
  1. Create your account.

    Visit to create an account. Please register for Aktiv using your official Emory email address and Emory Student ID so that we can track your performance and apply the 3% towards your final grade. Once you have an account, you can also download the Aktiv Learning app to access your course content!

  2. Join the ECCP course.

    in your account page, click "Join Course" and enter our Emory course code: 5CVMPA
  3. Complete your assignments.

    Click on the "Homework" tab to see your assignments. You'll have four assignments in your account, each with about a dozen questions. All four ECCP assignments must be completed by September 11 at 11:59pm EST to earn credit for the ECCP. The assignments topic areas are:

    1. Scientific Notation, Math, and SI Units 
    2. Unit Conversions and Dimensional Analysis 
    3. Atoms, Molecules, and Ionic Compounds 
    4. Stoichiometry


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