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Declare a Chemistry Major

  1. Submit the Declaration of Major form in OPUS (under the "Course Planning and Enrollment" tile.) You will receive a welcome e-mail from chemistry shortly thereafter.
  2. Visit the People page on our website and filter the faculty results by clicking "Chemistry Unbound Advisor" to view available advisors and reach out to the person you would like to work with. You have ten (10) business days from the receipt of your welcome e-mail to select an advisor.  If, after the ten day period, you have not chosen an advisor, one will be assigned for you.
  3. Once a member of the faculty has agreed to be your advisor, email our undergraduate program coordinator, Sara Howard, to inform her of the agreement.  Be sure to copy your new advisor on the email as confirmation!
  4. Look out for a second email from chemistry confirming your new major and advisor.
  5. Congratulations on choosing an AWESOME major!

Questions about the chemistry major?

  • Joining us from Oxford?
  • Transferring to Emory?
  • Need help charting a path through chemistry?
James Kindt Headshot
James Kindt
Director of Graduate Studies
Emerson E521
Sara Howard Headshot
Sara Howard
Undergraduate Program Coordinator