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Inorganic research at Emory ranges from organometallic chemistry, catalysis, and bioinorganic chemistry to nanomaterials chemistry. Collaborations across campus inform contributions to green energy and solutions for human health.

Daniela Buccella Headshot
Daniela Buccella
Acting Professor (Starting Sep 01 2024)
Brian Dyer Headshot
Brian Dyer
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
Atwood 430
Craig L. Hill Headshot
Craig L. Hill
Goodrich C. White Professor
Atwood 508
Tianquan (Tim) Lian Headshot
Tianquan (Tim) Lian
William Henry Emerson Professor
Atwood 310
Cora MacBeth Headshot
Cora MacBeth
Associated Faculty (ECAS)
White Hall 307
Djamaladdin (Jamal) Musaev Headshot
Djamaladdin (Jamal) Musaev
Associated Faculty (Emerson Center for Scientific Computation)
Emerson Center
Lili Wang Headshot
Lili Wang
Assistant Professor
Atwood 457
Feng Zhai Headshot
Feng Zhai
Assistant Professor
Emerson E209