Applying 411

Everything You Need to Know About Applying to Graduate School in Chemistry

Applying to graduate school in chemistry can feel equal parts exciting and overwhelming. At its best, the application process offers an opportunity to explore your options and clarify your goals. At its worst, it can feel like a needlessly confusing exercise in checking boxes and jumping through hoops. The goal of this resource is to demystify the mechanics of the application process so that you can focus on the important stuff - not just "getting in", but making plans for your next steps that will allow you to thrive.

We did our best, but it's possible you'll think of questions we didn't cover. We invite you to contact us with further questions or suggestions regarding this resource.

Why 411?
Before the internet, you could dial "411" on a land line telephone to connect with an operator and ask a question. The internet makes things easier, but sometimes it's hard to feel like you're getting the right information without knowing there's a real person on the other end of the line. All of our Applying 411 articles are written by experts - current and former faculty, admissions staff, and graduate students in chemistry - so that you can feel confident in the information you receive. All without a phone call!

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