I'm a chemist and...

From the chemistry of cooking to the geometry of field hockey, our chemists have hobbies down to a science. Scroll to the end of the article to meet Dr. Katherine M. Davis a chemistry postdoctoral scholar at Princeton University and...a new faculty member in the Department of Chemistry starting January 2020!

I'm a chemist and...

Jen Heemstra pictured standing at her computer in her campus office

...a climber.

"If you’re not regularly pushing outside of your comfort zone, you’re probably not growing."

Dr. Jen Heemstra

Jen Heemstra picture climbing a rock face outdoors

I'm a chemist and...

...a cook.

“I take pride in my experimental skills as well as in my cooking skills, and to a good extent, they are really the same thing.”

Zed Xu

Graduate Alum, Lian Group

Zed pictured in his kitchen minding the stove

I'm a chemist and...

Ally Boyington working at a piece of lab equipment

...a field hockey player.

"I was so excited to be able to continue to play the sport I love in grad school, especially because field hockey isn’t that popular in the south (yet). A lot of times in the lab I’m faced with challenging situations; field hockey has always been a great outlet for me to de-stress and have a supportive team surrounding me!."

Ally Boyington

Graduate Scholar, Jui Group

Ally raises a field hockey stick over her head to hit a ball

I'm a chemist and...

Andrew shown holding a beaker and a bottle of clear solution in lab

...a musician.

Mahoney shown holding a beaker and a bottle of clear solution in lab

When you listen to a song, you are limited by the recordings that you hear, stagnant and unchanging. When you perform a song, you can make it unique every time, changing things you may not like or adding your own personality to it.

Andrew Mahoney (far left)

Graduate Scholar, Wuest Group

Andrew pictured left holding his trumpet

I'm a chemist and...

Cameron shown working at a hood

...an improv comedian.

Cameron shown working at a hood

"If you can do improv, you can stand in front of three experts and pretend to be one of them.

Cameron Pratt

Graduate Scholar, Jui Group

I'm a chemist and...

Davis shown adjusting an instrument in lab

...a traveler.

Davis shown adjusting an instrument in lab

As Mark Twain eloquently stated, “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness,” and I take travel opportunities as they arise to enrich my life outside of the laboratory. Conveniently, when I let my mind wander I often find inspiration for my science where I least expect it.

Dr. Katherine M. Davis

Kate pictured smiling at an overlook during her travels

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Photographs in this article courtesy of the subjects and Jessica Lily Photography for Work+Play.