I'm a chemist and...

Chemists know a lot about energy.

Maybe that's how our chemists find the drive to pursue their many hobbies! Outside the lab, Emory chemists are musicians, dancers, climbers, artists, and much more.

The only thing they aren't is idle.

I'm a chemist and...

...a dancer.

"My two fields inform each other, forgive each other, and infuse my life with balance, inspiration, and excitement.You might find it hard to believe, but being a dancer makes me a better scientist."

Laura Briggs

EC' 19, Weinert Group
Photo: Lori Teague

I'm a chemist and...

...a musician.

"I have enjoyed playing music since childhood. Both chemistry and music have helped me cultivate discipline and attention to detail. And both have led me to meet amazing people."

Dr. Tracy McGill

Senior Lecturer (pictured left)

I'm a chemist and...

...a writer.

"Why do I write? I write to see something I'd imagined come to life, shining brighter and brighter."

Jessica Petree

Graduate Researcher, Salaita Group

I'm a chemist and...

...a potter.

"Pottery is a nice complement to lab work because it shows tangible progress so much more quickly than science does. It's really satisfying to watch a piece go through the stages of production from soft clay to stone, and then be a totally finished object I can use"

Brooke Andrews

Graduate Researcher, Dyer Group

I'm a chemist and...

...a photographer.

"I enjoy taking photos because it is a great way to connect with people. Looking back on shared memories, through photography, is one of my favorite things to do. "

Amy Solinski

Graduate Researcher, Wuest Group

I'm a chemist and...

...a painter.

"Painting allows me to let the stress of the day bleed onto the canvas while also feeding my need to create."

David Laws

Graduate Researcher, Blakey Group

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Photographs in this article courtesy of the subjects, Amy Solinski, Josh Meister Photo, and Jessica Lily Photography for Work+Play.