Contact Information

Dr. Anil Mehta

Facilites Director

(404) 727-6742

Emory Solid-State NMR center

Emory’s solid-state NMR center provides the resources,inlcuding experiment design, sample prepation, data collection and analysis, for interrogating molecular structure, dynamics and chemical bonding in organic, inorganic and biological complexes and materials.


• Molecular motion and order within polymeric materials.

• Domain size analysis and phase separation

• Identification of protonated and non-protonated  carbons of organic compounds

• Spectra of quadrupolar nuclei e.g. 23Na, 27Al,  51V, 59Co, 69Ga

1H HR-MAS of  tissue/whole cell/membranes

13C/19F/31P spectra of insoluble small molecule and polymeric materials.


•organic and inorganic complexes and materials
•mesoporous and microporous solids
•biological macromolecules and whole cells
•gels, ceramics and glasses
•metals, alloys, semiconductors
•food products and plant material
•polymers, zeolites
•bones, resins