rocksA student must be a B.S or a B.A major with a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or greater.

To graduate with Honors, the student must take one graduate-level chemistry course (500-level or above) in addition to the normal degree requirements, complete a research project (registered for CHEM 499), and write and defend an Honors Thesis based on this research (registered for 495).  

The student will defend his/her research thesis before a committee of three Emory faculty. This committee is comprised of the student's research advisor and two other chemistry department faculty; or the student's research advisor, another chemistry dept. faculty, and one faculty member from outside the department. Upon completion, the committee may recommend Honors (cum laude), High Honors (magna cum laude), or Highest Honors (summa cum laude).

The sooner you can begin thinking about pursuing an Honors degree the better. Though rare, some students begin research as freshmen. Most students defend research they worked on for 2-3 years. It is important to produce a body of work that can produce adequate data and tell a compelling story. It is very difficult to complete and Honors project in less than 1.5 years.


The formal program should be anticipated by selecting a a research mentor prior to officially registering in the summer before your 4th year.  For more information please contact Prof. James Kindt and visit the College Honors Program.

3rd year Spring / Summer

Sign up by emailing Ms. Ethel Ellington with your name, student ID number, anticipated graduation date (Spring, Summer or Fall), anticipated degree, and the name of your research advisor in the Chemistry Department

Even if you are already in a research group in enrolled in the BS/MS program, you still need to sign up for the honors program

4th Fall

Enroll in 499R to work on research for the thesis

4th year Spring

Enroll in 495WR to finish research and write up thesis (will need permissions number from Prof. Blakey to register

4th year

500 level or higher graduate course
Attend regular meetings with Honors coordinators