ECCP (Emory College Chemistry Preparation)

**Updated for Fall 2017**

The mandatory Emory College Chemistry Prep is available between June and August each year and will count for 3% of a student's total grade in Structure and Properties (CHEM 150).

The Department of Chemistry strongly recommends that interested students complete the ECCP well in advance of their arrival on campus. Regardless of AP/IB background, students wishing to take Structure and Properties (CHEM 150) MUST take the assessment and earn 100% before the due date to earn 3% of the CHEM 150 grade. This includes upperclass students. A list of instructions for taking the test and some frequently asked questions are listed below.

Deadline for ECCP: August 31st at 11:59pm

Essential Information BEFORE You Take the ECCP:

  1. It is recommended that you take the ECCP at least three weeks before the start of classes. This will allow you the time to fill in the gaps you might have if needed.
  2. The ECCP is administered through the artificial intelligence based teaching tool called ALEKS. ALEKS first assesses exactly what you know and do not know about Structure and Properties and its prerequisites from high school, and reports the results of this assessment in a pie graph. Once ALEKS determines what you have remembered and what you have forgotten or never learned before, it will teach you only those things meeting the following criteria: a) you don't already know how to do an item or b) you are ready to learn it, based on what you know already.
  3. Do the ECCP carefully and honestly! It is the way ALEKS finds out about you, politely asking what you already know and are therefore ready to learn! If you do this assessment carelessly or answer randomly, you'll waste time later because ALEKS will force you to work through material you already know and don't really need to review. On the other hand, there is no advantage to consulting outside resources--such as a textbook, the internet, or a friend--to improve your assessment score. It is a waste of time to play games with the ALEKS software.  Always read and follow the onscreen instructions very carefully and do the work on your own.
  4. Never click the "I don't know" button during any ALEKS assessment unless you really don't have any idea of how to do the problem. Otherwise, ALEKS will think you don't know a bunch of things you actually do know, take you way back, and make you "learn" them.
  5. The initial ECCP assessment should take no longer than 60 to 90 minutes.
  6. Once the initial assessment has determined what you remember and therefore what you need to learn (if anything) to be ready for CHEM 150, you will enter a pie chart learning mode where you can work to fill in any gaps in your knowledge of prerequisite material. You may not have to do any learning in the ALEKS system if you do well enough on the test. Everyone will have a different assessment profile and need to review different topics and skills. When you use ALEKS, you complete the learning tasks you need and not those somebody else needs. ALEKS provides one-on-one instruction tailored specifically to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from virtually any computer with access to the web. 
ALEKS logo

To register to take the ECCP on ALEKS:

  • Go to the ALEKS web site at
  • Click on the link marked "SIGN UP NOW" (upper left corner of the screen). 
  • On the next screen, you will be asked to provide the following course code:

Emory College Chemistry Prep: FP3AV-V3EYH

  • The next screen will ask you to create an account.  Please provide all the information requested. Remember, your Emory student number is NOT your social security number or any other number. You must enter your seven-digit Emory student number. Then click "Continue" and you should be set to go!

Frequently Asked Questions about Chemistry 150 and the ECCP

Q: Why do I have to take this test?

A: We want you to succeed in CHEM 150. CHEM 150 is taught at a fast pace and the instructors will assume that all students have a good background in mathematics and some fundamentals of chemistry. It is necessary for you to take the test to ensure that your math and chemistry backgrounds are strong enough for you to succeed in CHEM 150. Completion of the ALEKS assessment with mastery of 100% of the topics in the ECCP earns you 3% of your course grade.  The instructors have gathered data correlating specific skill levels with CHEM 150 performance. We want you to succeed!

It may be necessary for you to study and learn some new material before you begin CHEM 150. Students come to college chemistry with a variety of backgrounds and levels of preparation. The ECCP will not only assess where you are but will tutor you in those areas you need to be successful in CHEM 150.

Q: What is going to be on the test?


  • Math and Algebra
  • Measurement -- SI Units, unit conversions, dimensional analysis
  • Matter -- mass, volume, density, atomic theory, the elements
  • Atoms, Ions, and Molecules -- atomic structure, molecular and ionic compounds
  • Stoichiometry -- moles, molar mass, equations, reaction and solution stoichiometry

Q: What does my score have to be in order to earn this 3%?

A: After you take the initial assessment, you will see a pie graph of your achievement. Look below the pie and see how many topics you've mastered over the total number possible. If your mastery is 100%, you have earned the 3% towards your CHEM 150 grade. Otherwise, you will want to follow the onscreen directions to work in the ALEKS pie and learn the things you need to learn to earn 100%.

Q:  What happens if I do not achieve the 100% or choose not to take the ECCP?

A:  You will not earn the 3% and you will start CHEM 150 with a maximum percentage of 97.0%. Losing this 3% could make a difference of a +/- letter grade on your final grade, which translates to about 0.33 points on your GPA for the course.

Q: Where can I find the ECCP?

A: The ECCP is available online at Instructions for taking the test are outlined below. 

Q: What if I have problems with the software while I am using it online?

A: ALEKS provides excellent support for their software. See http://support.aleks.comNo one in the department of chemistry at Emory can provide you with competent technical support for ALEKS. Please do not write to faculty or technical support people at Emory with ALEKS questions. 

Q: When should I take the ECCP and how much does it cost?

A: You should take the ECCP as early as you can before the start of the semester. We know from our students' use of ALEKS in the past, the more a student practices in ALEKS, the more prepared they are to begin CHEM 150 and the more likely they are to earn a higher grade by the end of the semester. When you begin ALEKS will determine the cost. See the cost information at the top of page.

Q: What if I have questions about the philosophy of the ECCP or questions about CHEM 150?

A: Please contact either:

Q: What if I am going to take CHEM 221z, use my AP credit for CHEM 150, or am planning on taking CHEM 150 next year?

A: The ECCP is only required for students taking CHEM 150.  If you will be taking CHEM 221z, using your AP credit for CHEM 150, or are planning on taking CHEM 150 next year you do not need to take the ECCP at this time.


If you experience technical issues accessing your ALEKS account, please contact ALEKS support.  ALEKS support can be reached by phone at (714) 619-7090 or by webform at

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