Declaring Your Major

Chemistry student in the lab

Declaring A Chemistry Major

  1. Submit the Office of Undergraduate Education's online Declaration of Major form. You will recieve a confirmation from the registrar as well as a welcome e-mail from chemistry.
  2. Contact one of our available Chemistry Faculty Advisors to arrange an initial advising meeting. Contact undergraduate program coordinator Ethel Ellington if you need assistance choosing an advisor.
  3. At your meeting, review the Advising Grid in consultation with your selected advisor to determine what classes are required. (Looking for the pre-Chemistry Unbound curriculum? Review this advising grid.)
  4. After you meet, your selected advisor must email our undergraduate program coordinator, Ethel Ellington, to confirm that they have agreed to serve as your advisor.  We suggest that you, the student, email Ms. Ellington after your meeting so that we know it has taken place and can help follow up.
  5. Congratulations on choosing an AWESOME major!