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Michael C. Heaven

Michael C. Heaven
Department of Chemistry
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322
410 Atwood
PhD, University of London, 1979
BSc, Queen Mary College, 1975
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Queen Mary College, University of London, 1979-1980; Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of London, 1980-1982
Specific Research Area
Experimental Chemical Physics
Selected Publications

J. Han and M. C. Heaven,"Gain and lasing of optically pumped metastable rare gas atoms," Optics Letters, 37, 2157 (2012) (Research Highlight)

B. J. Barker, I. O. Antonov, M. C. Heaven and K. A. Peterson,"Spectroscopic investigations of ThF and ThF+." J. Chem. Phys. 136, 104305 (2012) (Research Highlight)

J. Han, K. Freel, and M. C. Heaven,"Rotational and vibrational energy transfer in vibrationally excited acetylene at energies near 6560 cm-1." J. Chem. Phys. 135, 244304/1 (2011)

M.C. Heaven, V. E. Bondybey, J. M. Merritt, and A. L. Kaledin, "The unique bonding characteristics of beryllium and the Group IIA metals." Chem. Phys. Lett. Frontiers Article, 506, 1 (2011)

J.M. Merritt, V.E. Bondybey, and M.C. Heaven, "Beryllium Dimer-Caught in the Act of Bonding." Science, 324: p. 1548-1551 (2009)

CHEM 331L: Physical Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 534: Advanced Physical Chemistry IV (grad)
CHEM 535: Physical Methods in Experimental Chem (grad)
Awards and Honors

Fellow of the Optical Society of America (2012)
AFOSR Visiting Scholar, Bell Laboratories (1991)
Visiting Faculty, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon (1989)
AFOSR Visiting Scholar (1987)
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow (1987-1989)
NATO Postdoctoral Research Fellow (1980-1982)
SRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow (1979-1980)