Ethan Todd

Undergraduate Student

Emory University

Office: 131 Atwood Hall

1515 Dickey Drive

Atlanta, GA 30322-2210

phone: 404-727-6573

fax: 404-727-6586

Educational Background

Undergraduate Student in Physics and Mathematics at Emory University

Current Research

My current research is focused on interstellar ice analogs. Computational models have shown that gas phase reactions alone do not reproduce molecular abundances observed in the interstellar medium (ISM), and thus it is thought that many species form on ices present on carbonaceous/silicate dust grains before desorbing to the gas phase. Previous laboratory experiments of interstellar ice analogs have used mass spectrometry to study the gas phase species that desorb from ices, but this data is neither entirely structure specific (i.e. species of the same mass are indistinguishable) nor directly comparable to telescope data. Our experiment uses millimeter/submillimeter spectroscopy to detect products as they accumulate above the ice sample, yielding high quality spetral data that is directly comparable to that of mm/submm telescopes and provides further insight into desorption processes occuring in the ISM.