Jay (Alec) Kroll

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Emory University

Office: 131 Atwood Hall

1515 Dickey Drive

Atlanta, GA 30322-2210

phone: 404-727-6573

fax: 404-727-6586


Educational Background

B.S. in Chemistry, Emory University (2012)
Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Colorado Boulder (2017)

Current Research

My research interests are focused on molecular spectroscopic measurements. The work done in my undergraduate studies focused on the measurement of rotational spectra of complex organic species of interest in astrochemistry. In addition to laboratory measurements of molecular rotational spectra, I collected broadband molecular line surveys of star forming regions in the submillimeter spectral range and analyzed them to determine molecular content. In my graduate research I focused on infrared and UV-visible spectroscopic measurement methods. My research was primarily studying reactions of sulfur dioxide and organic compounds with water and sunlight in planetary atmospheres and the potential implication these reactions have on climate.

In addition to my laboratory research I am interested in chemical education and increasing diversity in the STEM fields of work. Specifically I am interested in questions of how gender and sexuality affect studentsí sense of belonging and if that has an effect on their performance in introductory science courses at the undergraduate level. In 2016 I piloted a survey study focused on obtaining basic census data of a general chemistry course and measuring the ability uncertainty (the sense that one has of their ability or inability to be successful in a given course) and social belonging of students in the course. In the Fall of 2017 I administered an improved survey. The results of this survey are currently being analyzed.