12/2014 - DNA tension probes are highlighted in Nature Methods

9/2014 - Josh Brockman and Roxanne Glazier (BME program) join the lab! WELCOME and best of luck!

9/2014 - Yang’s paper on patterned tension sensors is accepted in Nano Letters! Congrats!

9/2014 - Yun’s paper on DNA-based tension probes is accepted in Nature Communications! High five! Work also featured in Nature Reviews Molecular and Cell Biology and Chemical & Engineering News!

5/2014- Khalid receives the Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award!!

4/2014 - Biophysical Journal paper is highlighted in C&E News! [Check it out]

2/2014 - Lab welcomes three new graduate students: Jessica Petree, Mingda Zhang, and Victor Pui-Yan Ma! 

1/2014 - NSF-CAREER, NSF-IDBR, and NSF-EAGER proposals are all recommended for funding! Nice work team!

1/2014 - Carol’s paper, “Integrin Generated Forces Lead to Streptavidin-Biotin Unbinding in Cellular Adhesions" is now accepted in Biophysical Journal! Congratulations!

1/2014 - Weiwei Zheng’s paper "Quantum dots encapsulated within phospholipid membranes: phase-dependent structure, photostability, and site-selective functionalization" is now in JACS!!

1/2014 - Our tension sensors are highlighted in Nature MethodsSpecial Feature: Methods of the Year 2013: tiny tools to measure force

12/2013 - The first Atlanta Area Molecular and Cellular Biophysics Symposium was a huge success! Over 170 attendees! Special thanks to the group for all their help!

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